Ways How to Grow Business in UAE Using Social Media and Instagram

Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the lot) is the ever-evolving technological universe that has revolutionized every sector of our lives. Business industry, whether in the UAE or anywhere else in the world, is one of the primary sectors that has benefited a lot from its enormous extents.

Why should we take social media seriously, you still ask? Well, we guess numbers will convince you better. According to Statista, there will be some 2.77 billion people on social media in the world. This number has increased by leaps and bounds since 2017 when there were only 2.46 billion users.

In these billions, don’t you think you’d have your UAE customers somewhere out there hanging on a social media platform or two? Of course, it is this way.

Now, that you know about the power of social media, it’s time to realize it. Below are some of the ways to make that happen.

Using Social Media to Grow Your Business in UAE

We’ve already established that you need social media to gain exposure. But the real thing is how to do that? You cannot just plunge in and hope to generate leads just by posting some blogs, status updates or videos. You’ve got to have to definitive plan to conquer the vast majorities of social media platform.

1. Pick your primary social media platform

The first and foremost thing to do is stick to the right platform and start making plans for it.

Start by exploring where your customers thrive the most. If it’s UAE customers you’re trying to attract, then turn your head towards Facebook, and Instagram (because they both are interlinked).

Yes, they also use WhatsApp, but finding prospects on that is difficult since it’s based on the phone numbers of people. So, just leave it at that.

2. Spend relevant time

After selecting your primary social media platform, remember to spend relevant time on it. It might be tempting to spend hours posting things and doing tweaks, but the truth is that won’t pay off unless you have a plausible strategy.

You can begin by dedicating specific time to your primary platform. Apps just like $3 kitchen timer can be of great help in doing so.

3. Start generating leads

There are more than 65% of business on social media and they all are for the same reason. They want to generate leads. It’s time you do that, too.

Improve the quality of your lead generation from UAE or around the world by posting relevant content that speaks to the hearts of your customers or audiences. At the end of the writing or in the middle of it, don’t forget to include a call to action. Also, incorporate visually commendable graphics with your content.

4. Tap into SEO

Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms do not help in direct search engine ranking in UAE or in the world ranking. But this does not mean that they don’t have any link with the SEO.

In fact, shares and likes on the social media have a very complicated relationship with your ranking. That relationship is explained here pretty well.

So, tap into the SEO part of it by all means. Take your first step, which creates valuable content. This brings us to the 5th pointer.

5. Content first

You’ve probably heard that content is king. It really is since everything on the internet is content, be it video, audio, text, infographics, and whatnot.

Yes, you’ve also probably heard that conversing with your potential customers can be a good thing to win over their hearts. However, it will stand useless unless your content isn’t communicating the right message. This is because confusion will be borne out of things you’d normally want to clarify your message with.

Therefore, focus on the content first strategy. An effective content can be the start of your effective sales funnel.

6. Influence your customers

Influencing your customers is more than just a thought. It is a process of following the right steps to relate to the daily lives of your customers.

One way to do that is to create authenticity around your brand. There are platforms like Buzzweb where you can find all the influencers and authentic people to collaborate with.

That would inevitably have an influence on your UAE customers as they’d relate to your products in every way.

7. Learn from your competitors

The beauty of competition also lies in learning from your competitor to bring it down. Social media, especially Instagram, can be a great place to start learning from your competitors.

See how they are doing, what strategies are they following that are making them what they are, and how are they communicating with their audiences in the UAE or anywhere else?

When you find answers to those questions, don’t just try to follow them outright. Instead, tweak them for your own use. Make them dedicated to your business idea with respect to the UAE audiences and the working of it.

8. Invest in your brand recognition

There are certain aspects of a brand that can be literally engraved in the minds of your customers. For example, your brand colors, your logo or message.

However, to make that possible, you’d have to first create a resilient brand awareness. Doing that is not hard at all, but it does require prudence and stark targeting.

Invest in hiring relevant professionals from UAE – the designers, social media experts, writers, and marketers – who can help take your brand to the next level by using the elements of the social media platform you are using. Basically, the elements to think about are cover images, profile photos, logo placement, and visual elements like the design of your graphical posts.

Get rid of the time-wasting notion

Many businesses in the UAE eye social media (including Instagram) as time wasters. They have their reasons, but as it is said, everything does not suit everyone. Unlike them and their million dollar expensive ways of generating leads and growing business, you could use something as simple, free, and powerful as social media without any regrets.

Follow what we’ve said above and keep on digging for more strategies to help you grow your business in UAE. Good luck!