Top 6 Payment Gateways in UAE

The UAE’s e-commerce business is assessed to be worth $27.1 billion in 2022. The possibilities for merchants, financial institutions and purchasers are huge, and it is essential, hence, that we keep on building customers’ trust and improve the framework of online payments with the goal that buyers can benefit from more progressively seamless, fulfilling and secure shopping experience. Meaning the UAE e-commerce sector is on the rise and there is no stopping anywhere near.

Payment gateways are an integral part of e-commerce websites, making the whole online payment process safe, secure and hassle-free. In this article, we have amassed some of the best payment gateway providers in UAE.



The first online UAE payment gateway that we suggest is Payfort. Originally an Amazon Company, operating in native Arabic speaking and encompassing nations, for example, UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, and Qatar.

Payfort got very well known among entrepreneurs and sprouting Entrepreneurs. The month to month charge is around AED 280 with a zero-setup cost. Per transaction, the rate adds up to 2.8%, and AED 1.00 should be paid additionally as an exchange expense. The individuals who are worried about its degree of security can pay an extra month to month charge of AED 35, with a setup fee of around AED 135, to have the option to identify any fraudulent exercises in the payment framework.

Payfort’s great payment gateway acknowledges and continues different online payment methods with high security so as to limit transaction risks in your webpage and to boost your income.

Since this payment gateway is custom-tailored to Arab web online purchasing habits and patterns, it would be an ideal payment gateway solution for your web-based business store.


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2 | Telr


Also called Innovative Payments, Telr is one of the best compared to other payment gateways in UAE. Telr gives services in excess of 120 currencies everywhere throughout the world. It is a Singapore and Dubai based payment gateway that offers services even in developing countries.

Considered as a standout amongst other payment gateway integration methods for Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Ajman, Telr is the organization that you can trust. Improve your online business and desert your rivals with Telr through their significant services in digital marketing. You have to visit the site of Telr to create ab account. After you have finished every one of the formalities, you will get the key to enter the platform and documentation alongside their support page. At that point, you have to navigate to the Account section on the site and give all the necessary documents about your business. You can give other details on the off chance that you need the accounting system to acquire credit cards. You will get all the necessary insights regarding the plans accessible in the account area.


3 | CC Avenue


CC Avenue was started in India and now is one of the biggest payment gateways in the UAE. Being one of the well-known payment gateways in UAE, CC Avenue offers services including Invoice payments, memberships and so on.,

Despite the fact that this is the most rumored gateways, CC Avenue is costly when contrasted with others.

The support charge is AED 200 in spite of the fact that the setup cost is zero

It likewise gives services like Fraud security and day in and day out support if the need arises.

Charges of CC Avenue comprises of 3% + 1 AED per exchange

The wide variety of services gave by CC Avenue incorporates different industries like Online retailing, education, hospitality, travel, event management and so on.,


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4 | Checkout

Checkout was started in the UK and stretched out to the Middle East region, present verified payment gateway services in UAE. The Checkout is considered as one of the Best Payment Gateways integration methods for UAE Dubai Sharjah Abu Dhabi Ajman. Probably the best feature of this payment solution, which is very easy to setup. The support page is easy to use, and even the transaction rates are insignificant. With a transaction fee of AED 0.75 to 2.75% of the aggregate amount, this is the most loved choice of young Entrepreneurs who are beginning their business in UAE.


5 | 2checkout


2Checkout is a payment gateway that accepts payments from any gadget and from any side of the world. 2Checkout boasts “transactions that range from 196 nations, through 8 payment channels, 26 currencies, and 15 languages”. 2Checkout has risen to turn out to be an all integrated payment gateway, empowering organizations to gather payments from their worldwide audience. Recently, 2Checkout held hands with FreshBooks to bring new online payment choices for small businesses.

It is extremely difficult to build a business, scale it up and offer to the worldwide crowd all simultaneously. 2Checkout’s interesting highlights make it simple to connect comprehensively and sell your product.

They are charging 3.9% + 45 cents for every transaction while serving in 87 currencies. They are additionally charging 1.5% for the clients outside the UAE and $25 for each chargeback. These expenses may look high and yet, there is no set-up charge just as no month to the monthly maintenance fee.


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6 | Paytabs


Another online payment gateway in UAE that we highly recommend is PayTabs which started in 2014, which is outstanding for cutting-edge payment processing and fraud prevention methods.

This adaptable and secure online payment method empowers e-organizations to make or get payments online easily, make and send invoices through agile and one of kind technology.

Also, PayTab’s creative layers of security management are certified by both Visa and MasterCard.

You can set up all out PayTabs system in less than 24 hours. There are different ways you can consolidate PayTabs like Plug-in, iFrame, SDK or direct joining by the usage of API. At present, they are charging 2.85 % + 1 AED per trade.


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As there are various alternatives available and every one has its very own advantages and disadvantage yet you need to choose what will work for you. One thing to remember is that you may pick an essential bundle for any of the passage which may look worthwhile now yet as your internet business site in UAE develops you should go for the enterprise or the premium variant of that portal. You have no other alternative to purchasing that costly bundle. So before picking anybody, plan well for what’s to come. You can likewise contact an expert web development company in UAE that will help you in taking this basic choice.