The Web Design Trends You Need to know About in 2018

The digital age has been in full swing for a while now. And it is already surprising analysts and tech experts by the huge number of innovations it is bringing with it each passing year. However, if you look at the past, 18 years, the constant innovations don’t seem to be that much of a surprise. However, the thing that sets the digital world apart happens to be the fact that it is seeing far more new trends, new changes, and technological innovation than its predecessor the print media ever saw. So there is easily something very special about the digital age we are living in.

However, the more impressive and somewhat startling aspect of this happens to be the fact that Dubai web designers and developers have been keeping up with all of the changes beat by beat. As soon as some new Dubai technological innovation invades the market, the web designers are there to not only cope with it but also make the most of it. It is a supreme show of talent and an exhibition of their depth of understanding. Web designers have been giving the people websites that are not just easy to use, but also ones that are responsive, fast, and flexible to changes.

2017 brought with a number of new web design Dubai trends as expected, and with 2018 in full swing we are already seeing some fantastic new trends and others are being expected. Let’s take a look at the design trends you need to know about in 2018:

Drop Shadows

Shadows are nothing new to web design. In fact, they have been is use for years when it comes to web design Dubai. However, with the recent advances in website technology and new design trends, developers are bound to explore shadow and depth like never before. Expect shadows to be used to create an emphasis on certain text portions, for example links. Drop shadows might also be used to add depth to design, with different color gradients supporting the depth in different places to give a more attractive design. Shadows are bound to change the way Dubai users look at website as a whole in 2018.

Vibrant Colors

2018 is the year when colors are going to take over websites. Indeed, this year you are going to see excessive colors take hold of web pages. Vibrant and attractive are perhaps the two best words to describe the sort of colors that you are going to be seeing on websites. Vibrant colors are going to take website to an entirely new world, design wise. Developers and designers have to explore to such an extent that different colors can be mixed at will to produce web pages that arrest viewers and attract them over and over again.

Particle Backgrounds

Moving images are something that websites have been trying to incorporate for quite some time. Moving backgrounds are something that have been researched and been sought after for quite some time. However, adding moving backgrounds to websites has often caused extra load on the websites and have made them slower. This has been a major problem since it causes the visitor dissatisfaction with using the website, which is why moving backgrounds and images are not that common. However, with particle backgrounds this can be rectified. Particle backgrounds are essentially a JavaScript addition that run without taking a lot of load, while allowing you to move images and text across the screen.

Mobile Preference

Research has indicated that mobile browsing has taken over desktop browsing and is now the main method of internet browsing for many. The shift to mobile has made many Dubai developers prefer websites that are more attuned to being used on mobile. The mobile preference is real and people are thing of new innovative methods of improving user experience (UX) on mobile websites. Expect thing trend to take root in the coming years and to play a major part in 2018 as well. The small screen is the way of the Dubai future.


Illustrations happen to be a fantastic and attractive method of engaging visitors and providing them with information. Illustrations have become common all over the world when it comes to website use since they are a very simple method of sharing info. Custom illustrations are undoubtedly going to play a major part this year as many Dubai designers and developers jump on the trend and use it engage their visitors. With so many websites around, it is imperative to capture the interest of your visitors as soon as possible, and custom illustrations are a good way to do just that.

Innovative Layouts

Layouts are an effective method of arranging information in a manner that allows it to be understood easily. Innovative layouts have been making their way to web design Dubai and this year you might see a lot more of them. For example, asymmetric layouts and broken grid ones are being utilized more and more by designers to build websites that don’t just use gimmicks like illustration but use information in a method that seems attractive. Designers are hard at work with innovative layouts and soon you might see a lot of their ideas on many Dubai websites.


Much like illustrations, animations are also another great design technique to engage visitors while providing information. Animation attracts viewers, whether it is simple text animation or actual figures and objects animated on the screen. Animators have been recently joining web development teams and their work can be increasingly found all over the internet. 2018 is going to see lot more animators making their way towards web development and helping out design teams with animations that attract and inform.

These trends are going to be visible throughout 2018, and no matter which kind of Dubai website you visit you can expect them to be highly prevalent. If you are not following these trends, right now is the best time to explore them.