The Internet is slowly but surely revolutionizing the trends of business trading. Its fast pace, global availability, and the instant response has stirred up a whole new level of competition. Despite all these tantalizing services and opportunities that the Internet adds to your business website, the old school “Short Message Service” (SMS), is still unbeatable in terms of effective marketing and spreading awareness of your product or services.

What Is SMS Marketing?

Communicating essential information about your product or services through attractive content or offers to the concerned audience using mobile text service is called SMS Marketing. It is by far the most cost-effective and efficient way of spreading awareness about your brand. You can attract more customers by using interesting promotions and latest updates.

Dubai’s Best SMS Marketing

We are the antecedent marketing company in Dubai and holds a distinct place in the SMS marketing Dubai Industry because of our professionalism and diligence. We provide the best and unique SMS marketing services across UAE. SMS Marketing Dubai is a fierce industry with huge competition. It is our innovative ideas and hard work of years which have always kept us one step ahead from others in the SMS Marketing Dubai Industry. Our services include:

  • IT Plus Dubai has the most qualified and experienced staff, who thoroughly discuss our marketing strategy with our clients.
  • IT Plus Dubai offers an efficient and cost-effective phone list segmentation.
  • Our IT Plus Dubai SMS Marketing Service, helps you improve the segmentation of your phone list.
  • Our IT Plus Dubai SMS Marketing offers you the best strategies with unlimited mobile subscribers.
  • With our IT Plus Dubai SMS Marketing service, you are the in charge. You can choose when to deliver, who to deliver and what to deliver. Our staff also provides you with the details of your delivery reports.
  • IT Plus Dubai SMS Marketing Staff provides you the best critical analysis of your SMS marketing outcomes like lead to client ratio ETC.

If you are looking for the best SMS Marketing services or wandering cluelessly in SMS Marketing Dubai Industry, IT Plus has a promising assistance for you.


Give a Kick Start to Your Business with Dubai’s #1 SMS Advertisement

SMS are the cheapest means of spreading awareness to your clients. All you need to do is create attractive content and send it to your concerned customers. Adding interesting offers, giveaways, contests are healthy means to increase the fruitfulness of SMS Marketing. In SMS Marketing Dubai Industry we hold our prominent spot because we collaborate more with our customers and strategize better to both save your money and maximize your outcome. We use better keywords, tempting text, reasonable offers and specify our audience carefully.

IT Plus Dubai has innovative Strategies to improve your revenue:

No doubt, SMS Marketing is the quickest and easiest way to communicate with mass groups simultaneously. Certain Innovations of our experts has made it even more effective and profitable. Our SMS Marketing Dubai Industry’s best strategies include:

Text-To-Win Contests:

Interesting texts with links or codes to win cool rewards including; price off, gift cards or free services are a cool and attractive way to increase your traffic.


Giveaways are always a cool idea to attract customers to your website. All you need to do is put a link or a code to your text message and send randomly to several lucky customers or you can hold a lucky draw. When they click the link they not only are registered but also give you a chance of a potential customer.

Subscription Incentives:

Giving certain percent of price off or free services on subscription can help you gain a potential long-term customer. It may be a small price to pay but with satisfactory services and affordable rates, these customers stay with you lifelong.

The most cost-effective service in SMS Marketing Dubai Industry:

You need not worry about the rates of our best services in the SMS Marketing. Our prices are one of the most affordable in the whole SMS Marketing Dubai Industry. When compared with our top-notch services, you won’t find such a deal anywhere in the whole of the SMS Marketing Dubai Industry. Knowing Dubai’s marketing competition, our prices are very competitive and our services are unparalleled.