Everything you need in one application

Takes advantage of modern browser features and make it behave just like a native application. The app should look nice on all devices, no matter their screen size. Our app has a fairly simple UI so we’ve used only a couple of media queries to control font-size, paddings, margins, etc.

Access from anywhere, from any device, anytime

Accessible anytime, anywhere, via a smartphone, tablet or a PC with an Internet connection, putting the user in charge of where and when they access the application.



Powerful applications with all the features you need

A whole new level of web development creating easy to use, attractive, and powerful web applications backed by powerful, data enabled web tools that drive business processes.


Applications need to scale upwards to remain responsive during times of heavy load and backwards when load is less. Apps are made scalable by using cloud deploying solution, scalable data storage solution and caching.