Identifying business objectives and goals

Building carefully the long term strategies for your business marketing that can have a major impact on your goals. Marketing strategies will be based weather you need direct sales, traffic, branding or some combination of these. You have products/services you sell, either directly over the web..

Keyword & Competitor research

Identify the keywords that your site can REALISTICALLY target and find a viable niche within the competitive industry that is achievable. Identifying your competitors and the list of keywords they’re ranking for and to get a list of possible keywords related to a primary term of your business.



On page and off page optimization

Page optimization will be necessary for every Web site to realize its full potential. On page optimization include making quality content, SEO-friendly Web site design, SEO-friendly code, title tags, meta descriptions, meta keywords and internal linking. Off page optimization is building external links to your site through blog posts, social media efforts, and buying links.

Periodical reports to assess the work done and progress

Periodical reports by detailed analysis to collect and study the performance of your website in the different search engines. We also give you an idea of the work that we do at present and have planned for future.