Corporate Website
TeQnovation has approached us to design and develop a corporate website for them that will represent the company and will speak about its experience and expertise in their field.
Project Overview
TeQnovation is the leading provider of Wonderware Solution on a global scale.
Corporate Website
Streamlined Look.
We have studied the company and the industry that it operates in to have a good understanding of the company and its objectives. This enabled us to prepare a unique, beautiful, yet format design that speaks for the company.
Responsive Design.
Our aim was to create a website that will be perfectly viewable and easy to use from any device and screen size. We have made this possible with individual designs for each of the screen sizes.
The website adapts to every screen size and device and displays the best version for that screen.
The website adapts to every screen size and device and displays the best version for that screen.
Showcase Services.
All the services, products and the content is fetched from a centralized database in realtime, thus making it easy to manage them across the website and the mobile app.
Knowledge Base.
We have successfully implemented a knowledge base in the website that allows the admin to post new entries. Users can easily navigate the knowledge base and find the required entries. Some information is paid and requires the customer to be subscribed to a paid plan through the website.

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