CuraLife Africa.

E-Commerce Website
We have designed and developed a modern, blazing fast, and mobile-friendly website that enables CuraLife to utilize the full power of the internet and generate hundreds of sales daily.
Project Overview
CuraLife is an online shop website and they are selling nutritional supplement for people who want to maintain healthy glucose levels.
Products Showcase.
Customers are presented with the CuraLin on sale. Customers can view the latest offers, search for a specific product, or use the filters to narrow the results to match their needs, and find their perfect product. After finding the right product, customers can view the details of the product, scroll through the product's images gallery and view similar products.
Products Purchase.
Customers can purchase the watch that they chose directly from the app with just a few clicks.
Simple Checkout.
We have went through the ordering process several times and made it as simple as possible to ensure the process is not lengthy and difficult to complete.
Centralized Backend.
All the products and the content is fetched from a centralized database in realtime, thus making it easy to manage the products across the website and the mobile app.
Modern, Intuitive Design.
We have went through thorough planning and sketching of the app's screens to come up with a unique, modern, and intuitive UX that will make the app truly beautiful, easy to use and navigate.

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