Digital Marketing: A Cost Effective Strategy for UAE Small Business Owners

Let’s face it; life is more colourful with social media around and a lot more interesting thanks to digital marketing. At the same time, this is also a cost-effective strategy for small business owners and entrepreneurs as digital marketing in Dubai is still extremely affordable.

As you may know, digital marketing is well established as a staple for business owners in UAE and a necessity when it comes to making an impact in any market. But that’s just part of the story and in this article, we will take a closer look at how businesses can use digital marketing to get ahead.

Digital Marketing: Helping Businesses in Dubai Increase Traffic and Sales

The truth is, companies in Dubai are unable to meet their conservative expectations with digital marketing. In fact, according to recent studies, more than 20% of businesses are unsatisfied with their conversion rate, while most businesses in UAE can’t even find traffic to make these conversions in the first place.

Although is this is really any surprise? After all, smaller organizations in Dubai are without the resources and budget that we see in large or medium size organizations.

But how can you keep up or even get ahead of the competition?

Here’s how business owners can use digital marketing to their advantage:

7 Digital Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners in UAE

1. Create Valuable that People Need

 In case you might be asking yourself, content refers to blog posts, podcast, video, webinars and anything else you display on a website. Simply put, creating blogs, videos etc is needed to establish any kind of online presence for the Global market or even just in Dubai.

Needless to say, the objective is to create useful information for the reader. However, the importance of content is clearer when we take a look at how content enables smaller companies to gain traffic on search engines (More on that later).

With this in mind, small businesses in UAE should seek to produce optimized content that can 1. Increase traffic and 2. Provide value to the online user.

In case you might be asking yourself, creating any of the above can improve brand awareness, establish authority, attract leads and convert more customers.

2. Focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

 SEO is largely misunderstood when it comes to digital marketing in Dubai. On the other hand, effective SEO Dubai is possibly the most beneficial factor for any digital marketing strategy.

In short, this skillful process is the quickest and most affordable way to get traffic to any product or service. That being said, there is such thing as bad SEO and to be honest, most small business owners are not familiar with the best strategies.

Now, it’s always best to use a reliable digital marketing specialist in UAE for this part of the process but nonetheless, let’s take a quick look at what happens:

Google has a goal to give the best answers to search inquiries. The purpose of SEO is to rank a small business website as high as possible for these inquiries. Although quality blogs are important, optimizing this content is just as important. For this reason, the digital market will spend just as much time optimizing what they create as preparing the content in the first place.

Either way, SEO is central to every such strategy in UAE.

3. Increase Presence on Social Media

 In a recent survey on Hubspot it was discovered that more than 60% of professional marketers think that lead generation is the most challenging aspect of digital marketing. Most of these markers also use search engines to generate most of these leads but interestingly, their focus is placed on social media moving forward.

In other words, most professional marketers in UAE are focusing their attention on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and friends in the coming year. With traffic so high and the price of advertising so low, this strategy makes sense.

You see, in terms of return on investment, social media is still the best way to attract traffic for a website. For example, Facebook adverts are still priced very low compared to Google Ads and through placing these adverts, small businesses can also grow their fan base.

Moral of the story: you should focus on social media and invest funds to grow a presence in Dubai.

4. Measuring Effectiveness is Critical

Digital marketing in UAE can be a very effective process but at the same time, small businesses need to have a specific way to measure this effectiveness along the way.

You see, many business owners set out to create content and spend endless hours crafting the most meaningful blogs, videos etc. However, if nobody is watching or sharing this content, the process is almost pointless.

For this reason, you need to measure the results of what you do and here are some easy ways in which you can do this effectively:

Optin Monster – This is a great tool for growing your list of subscribers in Dubai.

Google Analytics – You can use these free analytics to measure the success rate of your existing sales funnel on the website.

Social Warfare – Find out how many people are liking and sharing your content using this cheap and effective website plugin.

As they say, fail to prepare and prepare to fail. Measuring the effectiveness of your digital marketing could be the only difference between success and failure.

5. Backlinks and

 One of the least exciting aspects of digital marketing can be found in backlinks. Unfortunately (or fortunately) backlinks are an integral part of digital marketing and essential to the long-term visibility of any website in Dubai.

These inbound links tell search engines that your website is important and the more backlinks you have, the more likely Google will rank the website.

Anyway, you should know that working on backlinks is a highly time-consuming task and also rather costly in UAE. After all, the tools needed to research this part of the strategy are extremely expensive and often hard to understand.

Once again, this is another reason for contacting a digital marketing agency that will already have access to these tools and the knowledge required to build a backlink profile.

With all the benefits mentioned above, it’s quite easy to understand why these strategies are so important in UAE. While it helps boost visibility online, it also allows the business to connect with new customers.

At the same time, if you really want to reap the benefits of digital marketing in Dubai, you need to put this action plan into action. And just in case you might be wondering about the best time to get started, that was yesterday and the next best time….is right now.