6 Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Converting

You have spent all this time and effort creating this wonderful website that you put your heart and soul into… but it is not getting you the results you wanted. Then what was the point of all this money being spent on something that is not working? Has all that web design and web development gone to waste?

Well the thing is, people create websites that they want for businesses, or work or themselves without functionality in mind. A website’s sole purpose is to be an extension of your business, a representative of it even. You want your representative to look their best but also get the most work out of them.

People seem to forget the latter.

You could have the best web design and content and high traffic brought in by your search engine optimization efforts but that will not mean a thing if you cannot convert those leads into customers. And that’s where we will begin…

1. There is No Obvious way to Convert

So a lot of people will get rid of mention of their products or services on their landing page and that is a big mistake. They usually do this to avoid being intrusive. Well this is the one thing you would want to be intrusive with.

You want to sprinkle your site with opportunities for your customers to convert. A simple form on the contact page just is not going to cut it. You need to make sure that your potential lead sees this form once every 5-10 seconds that they are on your website.

Put it on either the footer or header of every piece of content you might publish. Better to do it at the footer they will be coming in fresh from going through your content and might want to experience your advertised services.

Pop-ups are also generally an interesting web design tactic that are used to bring user’s attention to something important. But think to yourself, how many time you have closed a pop-up without even ever looking at it. Though they might also be useful, it really depends on how you use them.

2. There’s too much content

You are either doing too much or too little. You want to throw every flashy piece of content their way, you want to make them love your services or whatever you offer with all you want but honestly that is just going to distract them.

If you have too any pictures of graphics up on a certain screen, you can sure bet that your potential customer is going to be looking at them and would not want to look at something as boring as contact form. Good web design dictates you use your resources in a balanced way.

This is a huge reason why minimalist design has taken off. It offers just the right amount of information while also getting things done. That is not to say that you should completely re-design your site with a minimalistic aesthetic, no. Focus on what makes minimalistic design as effective as it is.

3. You have a bad Mobile Website

Having a good mobile website is a make or break situation for a business owner. Everyone has a phone these days with high speed internet. People are also constantly on their phones looking for interesting content, something that might catch their eye or whatever.

Your bad mobile website is going to ward off the majority of the people who land on it. And for those who do stay, it is going to be a hellish experience. You would effectively be marginalizing a very large percentage of potential convertors. A huge part of web development is making sure everyone of your users get the same experience.

Make sure you have large text, short paragraphs and every important feature a tap away.

4. Missing Call to Action

Have you ever thought that people are not converting just because you have not asked them to?

Concise and compelling call to actions around your website should be omnipresent. The entire point of your website is to get your users to convert and leaving out the actual ‘asking’ part is not doing you any favors.

You need to give every bit of important information in your call to action and make it as short and concise as possible. Once you give out the relevant information, users will do everything next on their own.

This is slightly unrelated but have you wondered why every YouTuber specifically asks the viewer to like the video and subscribe to their channel? Well because it works! All you need to do it ask.

5. You are Targeting the Wrong People

All of you work is going to go to waste if you do not target the right people. You of course as a business owner have demographic you want to target. Well, have you made sure that that target demographic is even visiting your website?

Well first of all, is your website even catered to the people want to target? An all-pleasing experience just is not viable. You cannot ever please everyone. You should always be targeting a niche.

But with that being said, you should analyze Google’s Site Analytics to see just who is visiting your website. This will give you a good idea of how you should rework your site to target the people you actually want to target.

6. Is Your Site Experience Satisfactory?

It is possible that your site is just offering a bad experience to users. Users will often just leave the site if the find using the site is hard or requires even the slightest bit of work. Your site might also just be ugly.

Whether it is aesthetics or function, you will need to analyze the bounce rate of your website and narrow this down. If its spread out over your site, then it is design and aesthetics, otherwise if its focused then it’s probably a functional problem you need to fix.